Our Curriculum

We understand that every child learns on different levels. We want to encourage this to ensure confidence. When kids are confident they become more eager to explore and learn. We understand that play is an integral part of each individual child’s learning.

Children learn through play. Play contributes to the building of gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, sensory, social and emotional skills. Our curriculum is a play-based curriculum.

What is a play-based curriculum?

It can be described in a number of ways. It’s a carefully planned environment that is both stimulating and exciting. It has teachers who support children as they explore their environment, who talk with them, and who extend their play when required. Simply put, it’s a fun place to play, where children can learn without knowing learning is taking place.

A play-based curriculum is developmentally appropriate for all children; this type of curriculum meets children where they are, instead of requiring them to fit within the lines of a worksheet. A play-based curriculum can be accurately described as “observation based” or child-centered. These terms make sense because they recognize that children learn best when they are allowed to discover what they want to learn.